Avoid A Bad Employee Relation(ship)

Relationships are give and take, but you’re doing all the giving and getting nothing in return. Why waste another minute on something that isn’t making you happy? You deserve better.

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How can you tell if you’re in a bad employee relations(ship)?

The signs are there, you just need to recognize them.
Ask yourself…

Is it all give and no take? (Flexibility is key in every relationship)

Are you really getting what YOU need? (Customization and individuality is the only way to satisfy you)

Are you working towards conflict resolution or just working through it? (Address the root of the problem)

Do you feel valued in the relationship you are in, or are you just another notch on their belt? (Personalization shows that you really are special)

Do you see a future in this relationship? (Can it evolve with you and your objectives?)

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