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The Last HR Case Management Solution You’ll Ever Need

On Time. On Task. Online.

Automate and collaborate to keep your entire team in the loop. Documentation and data accessible anytime and anywhere. Deadlines met. Compliance complete. Judgments indisputable. And your company’s reputation untarnished.

No Second Guessing

Critical labor relations & employee relations insights at your fingertips. A central repository of information, historical data, and predictive analytics to feel confident that your company takes the right course of action every time.

Management, Multiplied

It’s a timesaver, a money saver, and a task saver all rolled into one. No matter how many unions are represented or how geographically dispersed your workforce may be, you only need one platform to accomplish every task.

hr case management

Don't Just Settle Labor Relation & Employee Relation Disputes, Stop Them From Happening Before They Occur.

Focus on the people, not the problems. Implement, configure, and begin solving tough HR business challenges. Take control of employee and labor relations management and build a more productive and successful working environment for your company to thrive.

Clients We've Helped

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Gone are the days of antiquated methods like PC-based entry logs. LaborSoft provides a customized platform with trackable numbers. Plus centralized storage of documentation for quick access. 


Instead of using multiple systems for cases, information and files, our transit customers have transformed their HR processes to be more time- efficient and comprehensive by using LaborSoft.


Disorganized case tracking is a thing of the past with our labor relations case management software. The education sector can take advantage of centralized case management features.


Eliminating paper files and spreadsheets helps healthcare organizations have a more streamlined view of their HR event tracking and resolution process. These are managed securely in the cloud.


LaborSoft provides utility service companies with a centralized labor relations case management system that enables their HR professionals to keep their caseload in order, as well as use time efficiently.


What our customers say

“LaborSoft provides one simple, configurable tool, to execute and manage all HR events.”

“LaborSoft allows management and Board of Directors to make better, more informed business decisions moving forward the organization's mission.”

“LaborSoft has made it easy for our office to track and process HR issues in-house. It has saved the county both time and money.”

Laborsoft is the trusted partner of more corporate and commercial brands, municipalities, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to help improve employee relations, mitigate risk of HR lawsuits, and create a more successful workplace.

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