Why LaborSoft

Simply stated – your business can’t afford to be without it.
HR administrators have taken a seat in the C-suite for good reason – it’s people, not platforms that drive success. It’s not about the latest and greatest technology, it’s about giving your team of experts the best tools and resources to help them to achieve business goals. It’s about overcoming challenges, mitigating risk of bottlenecks and performance issues, and uniting a workforce to become the driving force behind your brand.

Welcome to LaborSoft.

Employee Relations Management Just Got Smarter
Ditch the manual processes. Stop second guessing decision making. And for once, have the confidence to say “making this change will have a positive impact on our organization.”

LaborSoft is more than just a case management and labor relations partner. We’re business intelligence, employee insight, and trend spotters for trend setting HR. Cloud based and fully accessible, we put employee relations in the palm of your hand. And it’s not our employee relations, it’s your employee relations. We tailor it to fit your individualized business objectives. Our fully configurable modules and complete suite of solutions, give your HR team the opportunity to better understand your employees, manage your operations, and maintain industry regulations to keep your company in full compliance. 

Of course we’ve got the automated workflows, scheduled reporting, and streamlined X,Y,Z. Who doesn’t? But what we also have is the expertise. The direct line (or email) to senior level support. We check in on the people who check in with your team to make sure they’re getting what they need. We take care of HR so they can take care of your employees.

At the core of LaborSoft’s technology are the resources HR uses to maintain operations, mitigate risk, and keep employees engaged and productive in their roles:

  • Precision accuracy
  • Timely results
  • Powerful analytics
  • Steadfast consistency
  • Complete collaboration

LaborSoft gives you the business intelligence to drive productivity, initiate and enforce corporate policy, and lets HR effectively govern your workforce to create a more unified and successful team.







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