Simply Stated. . .Your business can't afford to be without it.

HR administrators have taken a seat in the C-suite for good reason – it’s people, not platforms that drive success.

It’s not about the latest and greatest technology, it’s about giving your team of experts the best tools and resources to help them to achieve business goals. It’s about overcoming challenges, mitigating the risk of bottlenecks and performance issues, and uniting a workforce to become the driving force behind your brand.

Why work harder when you can work smarter?

LaborSoft is more than just case management — it’s about being a Labor & Employee Relations partner. We provide the business intelligence HR needs to drive productivity, initiate and enforce corporate policy, and create a more unified and successful team. Cloud-based and fully accessible, we put HR information in the palm of your hand and tailor it so you can streamline operations, mitigate risk, and achieve your business objectives through:

Precision accuracy

Timely results

Powerful analytics

Complete collaboration

How can LaborSoft’s Employee & Labor Relations software work for YOUR company?

LaborSoft is the all-in-one Employee & Labor Relations solution for HR professionals. LaborSoft can be configured to meet your specific requirements, and can continue to meet your needs as your organization grows. We’ve got compliance and EEO covered so you can focus on what’s really important – your people and your HR data.

Sensitive Data Requires Serious Protection

It goes without saying that HR data needs to be protected at all costs, and where you store it and how your organization accesses it can make or break your business. Since your employees are the lifeblood of your company, their sensitive HR data needs more than just a few protocols in place—it requires a full-scale protection plan like Microsoft Secure Development Lifecycle, geolocation disaster recovery, and asynchronous backup to ensure it is secure at all times.

Streamline your employee and labor relations cases and advance your business to accomplish its goals with LaborSoft’s all-in-one case management solution!