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    3 Ways to Use HR Data to Improve Employee Relations.

    Everyone knows that data is BIG these days.  In fact, if you are not collecting it, aggregating it and analyzing it, then you are probably missing out on a myriad of opportunities.  It used to be that Sales, Marketing and Operations were generally the departments knee-deep in data, but now ALL departments need to collect and leverage data in order to make informed business decisions.  The same holds true for HR in terms of managing employee relations, specifically for recording trends in workplace culture, as well as for measuring employee engagement, morale and performance. 

    3 Ways Nepotism in the Workplace Harms Your Company

    Nepotism in the Workplace
    Nepotism in the workplace can be a major headache for HR. One that’s should be avoided if at all possible. Nepotism, the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs, can easily lead to a toxic workplace environment, or even lawsuits.  If the person being acquired is genuinely unfit for the job, promoted without cause, or allowed to break rules with impunity, nepotism can be cited and thus, create an unstable workplace that can cost companies more than just employee morale.

    How to Conduct Strategic Exit Interviews

    While employee retention is a top priority of HR departments, it’s a fact of life that employees leave.  And when employees leave, it can be a missed opportunity to not collect valuable data, such as the reason the employee is leaving, the industry or company the employee is leaving for, etc.  An exit interview is a series of questions usually conducted by a member of the HR department of a departing employee.

    The Mess of Marijuana and The Workplace for HR

     The mess of marijuana and the workplace

    #MeToo and the Workplace: HR and Sexual Harassment Policy

    #MeToo and the Workplace

    Title IX & the #MeToo Movement Process for HR

     Title IX & the #MeToo Movement Process

    Is Arbitration Of Harassment the Best Course Of Action?

    is arbitration of harassment claims the best course of action?

    Making Sure You Meet the May 31st EEO Reporting Deadline

     Making Sure You Meet the May 31st EEO Reporting Deadline

    HR Discipline: When Employees Violate Safety Regulations


    Top 5 Must-Haves for Innovative HR Case Management Software


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