From Title IV compliance and student safety, to faculty and labor relations management, LaborSoft is trusted the trusted  partner public, private, and higher education institutions. 


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Managing multiple unions, employee relations throughout dispersed locations, and a 24/7 workforce where operational bottlenecks can be critical requires innovative labor management solutions. Hospital systems rely on LaborSoft for compliance, analytics, and performance management.


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Towns and municipalities employ a multitude of professionals in a range of responsibilities. HR needs to ensure consistency across the board. LaborSoft’s technology and expertise puts the focus back on your people to run day to day operations more smoothly.


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In the field or in the office, employees of transit authorities look to central HR department to resolve cases, address issues, and remain in full compliance. They answer to a number of regulatory committees, state and federal guidelines, and company mandates with LaborSoft as their go-to resource for accurate and insightful management.


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It’s not uncommon for energy and power companies to employ professionals across multiple state lines. From union compliance to regional regulatory agencies, HR must provide timely, consistent results for the entire workforce. LaborSoft is the single source for complete management of labor relations providing the communication, accessibility, and reliability your team needs. 


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Our tools and services are specifically designed for employee and labor relations professionals. Our Software helps with management and mitigation of topics like workplace harassment. So just how prevalent is harassment in companies across the country?


Nearly 1/2 of working women have been harassed in the workplace.

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Polls show only 10% of employers reported adding harassment  training and resources to their organization in wake of the #MeToo movement.

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72% of women who are harassed in the workplace do not report it.

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1 in 3

1 in 3 of the executives interviewed said they changed their behavior at work due to the #MeToo movement  in order to avoid anything that could be perceived  as sexual harassment.

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The top 3 reasons harassment goes unreported:

  1. fear of being labeled a troublemaker
  2.  their word against their harasser's
  3.  fear of losing their job

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One-third of employees believe their workplace fosters sexual harassment from a small to a very great extent. To create a safe workplace, HR needs to be able to investigate  and manage claims efficiently.

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“LaborSoft allows management and Board of Directors make better, more informed business decisions that impact finances and operations to help forward the organization’s mission.”
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