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    Do’s and Don’ts of Employee Discipline Management | LaborSoft

    Employee discipline processes vary from business to business – and in some cases, from manager to manager. While there may be state and federal regulations in place, as well as recommendations for mitigating the risk of legal woes, there are several do’s and don’ts that companies should consider commonplace.

    3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs HR Case Management Software

    Between the DOL and the DOJ, the changes coming out of Washington and state-level chairs are on the rise. With this, a host of new compliance ramifications are just some of the headaches businesses need to prepare for. 

    Mid to large-sized companies are caught in the crosshairs of legislation and legal, making it difficult to keep up. Internal HR processes, including manual entry spreadsheet records for HR case management, are being retired for their lack of efficacy. More businesses are configuring cloud-based technology to pick up the slack, and protect companies from costly legal fees.

    Grievances & Issues You Should Be Documenting | Labor Soft

    Nine out of ten times, prospective clients call us after losing a case. HR grievances cost companies tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket each year. The loss of revenue and diminished reputation causes businesses to seek better ways to handle HR related issues.

    Laying the Groundwork for HR Investigations

    For professionals in the Employee and Labor Relations field, HR investigations are A common occurrence. Whether you are within a Human Resources department at the hub of a multi-faceted company, or an individual leading of a small team of professionals in your own business venture, dealing with workplace issues and/or grievances is inevitable.

    Why HR Should Document Employee Issues in a Timely Manner

    Is your organization still using manual procedures to document employee issues? Timely and centralized documentation of employee and labor issues is critical to successful resolution. The following is a wonderful article on the importance of documenting employee issues.

    Is Union activity growing within your Industry?

    A recent article within "WorkForce Mangement" commented on increased union activity. Our healthcare customers have found this especially true. We thought you would find the enclosed article useful.