Avert a Community Crisis When an HR Case Escalates


From Town Hall to Field Ops, governing bodies employ a multitude of professionals in a range of responsibilities, including helping to run comprehensive agencies. Some have their own compliance requirements while others have union regulations, but all tend to be managed by a singular HR department. Government operates in the public eye, so one critical misstep. . .and local, or even regional, chaos could ensue.

Towns and municipalities implement LaborSoft’s case management software to manage government workforce issues and labor cases from initial report through resolution. These can help your agency:

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House performance assessments, surveys & other employee communication vehicles within a single, automated system

Collaborate between multiple government agency locations & field offices to maintain consistency with regards to compliance

Better assess workforce trends and forecast employment or volunteer needs through intelligent insights, enhanced workforce analytics, and streamlined reporting tools

Reduce potential problems BEFORE they become public headlines.