Schools and universities are prone to more than just the typical HR cases—student safety is paramount. If not addressed right away or handled appropriately, a student complaint could result in a high-profile lawsuit that can permanently damage the reputation of the institution, as well as the administration. HR case management needs to be of the utmost priority to schools.

LaborSoft’s HR case management and employee & labor relations solutions help schools to manage workforce issues and Title IX infractions from initial filing through resolution. These can help your institution:

Monitor Title IX compliance so that issues don’t escalate, compromise safety, or broach illegality
Improve tracking for employee & labor relations issues, including labor disputes, corrective actions, leaves and/or dismissals
Keep your focus on improving educational opportunities in your community with intelligent analytics and streamlined reporting tools

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Boston Public Schools
Boston Public Schools

Location: Boston, MA

Industry: Education

 Employees: 8,400

Before LaborSoft: Boston City Schools used PC products and paper files to manage their labor relations caseload. With their existing system, it was difficult to gather case information, track required activities, and prepare for upcoming arbitration cases.


With LaborSoft: Boston City Schools and LaborSoft created a cloud based labor relations system.  The LaborSoft system provided centralized Labor Relation case management. BPS uses the system to track all grievance and arbitration cases. Reports are quickly generated that show where each case is in the resolution process. Documentation is stored on the cloud for easy access. Case preparation time has been significantly reduced, and when necessary, case files with full documentation are easily created for the legal staff.

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