Improving Quality of Care by Improving the Wellness of Your Working Environment

Today’s healthcare systems are behemoths in the industry. Employing hundreds, sometimes thousands of employees across a single campus and dispersed satellite locations, HR administrators are challenged with managing the entire workforce with consistency and compassion. From independent hires to union employees hired in a wide capacity of responsibilities, the HR department in the healthcare industry comes face to face with compliance issues, regulatory infractions, and workforce complaints with regularity.

LaborSoft’s case management and employee relations solutions provide healthcare systems with the tools they need to manage their entire workforce in a uniform and supportive fashion. Our technology helps to mitigate risk of labor relations bottlenecks, helps dispersed hospitals and healthcare offices streamline compliance and ensures consistency across satellite locations, and lets you centralize employee events to focus on the people that improve community health.

Improved Employee Relations Tracking
Use dedicated tools and resources to oversee HR disputes, corrective actions, leaves, dismissals, reviews, assessments, and exit interviews.

Complete HR Documentation
A central repository for all investigative materials including documents, interview notes, pictures, and videos ensures secure storage, categorization, and access to all parties involved in dispute resolution.

HR Reporting & Analytics
Implement intelligent insights to better assess workforce trends, forecast employment needs, and reduce the likelihood of potential problems arising before they become costly labor issues.

Union Compliance & Collaboration
Oversee multiple union relations and compliance through individualized management in a consolidated system to ensure timely results and avoid penalties.

Enhanced Labor Relations Management
LaborSoft offers the tools your healthcare system needs to ensure workplace grievances and arbitration are resolved in a timely and consistent manner.


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Lifespan Hospital

lifespanLocation: Providence, RI

Industry: Healthcare

Employees: 12,000


Before LaborSoft: Rhode Island Hospital used PC products and paper files to manage their ER/LR issues, and suffered inconsistencies and lost data.

With LaborSoft: Rhode Island Hospital created a centralized, easy-to-use system that provided collaboration, ensured consistent resolution, and had a reporting tool to track trends and manage caseloads. Based on the success at Rhode Island Hospital, LaborSoft has been implemented at both LifeSpan Corporate Services and Bradley Hospital.