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Healthcare HR Solutions For Employee Relations

How will you overcome today’s most complex HR challenges in healthcare?

Modern healthcare systems are facing many new challenges ranging from staff retention to funding constraints and evolving regulations. You may employ hundreds or even thousands of employees across a single campus and dispersed satellite locations. HR administrators are challenged with managing an entire workforce while keeping their focus on community health. 

Your organization must be poised to deal with compliance issues, regulatory infractions, union disputes, and workforce complaints with regularity, and handle all of them with consistency and care. 

The Case Management Tools Healthcare Professionals Need

You can alleviate the pressure with technology that streamlines healthcare HR responsibilities and helps to ensure total compliance. 

Eliminate the challenges of manual paperwork, endless spreadsheets, and disjointed software systems. LaborSoft provides solutions to seamlessly track, manage, and resolve cases with a centralized HR case management platform.


Powerful Healthcare HR Software

Our software helps to mitigate the risks of operational bottlenecks and costly lawsuits due to union issues or HR complaints.

Keep it Simple

Leverage the streamlining power of automated employee relations analytics, efficient operational workflows, and a central repository of documentation for HR case management. Easily keep tabs on dispersed hospitals and healthcare systems

Secure Your Data

Sensitive patient health data requires that maximum security protocols are in place. The right HR software for healthcare not only helps to assess trends and forecast employment needs — it ensures data compliance and works to prevent data breaches.

Improve Relationships

Unresolved employee complaints can escalate into litigation. Foster positive employee and labor relations with organized and proactive healthcare case management tools that help prevent the astronomical costs associated with grievances.

Custom Modules

Solutions For All Healthcare HR Professionals

Our platform for case management and employee & labor relations in healthcare offers tailored features to meet the unique needs of personnel across HR functions.

Manage your entire workforce in a uniform and supportive fashion with comprehensive capabilities. 
With LaborSoft, healthcare professionals have solutions for roles such as:

  • Personnel Manager

  • Incident Manager

  • Discipline Manager

  • Grievance Manager

  • Arbitration Manager

  • EEO Claims Manager

  • Manage employee records and incident logs with precision and compliance.
  • Seamlessly integrate HRIS systems for seamless data management.
  • Conduct meticulous job history audits to ensure accurate documentation and transparency.
  • Access comprehensive case histories for improved decision-making and accountability
  • Track and manage complaints, investigations, violations, FMLA accommodation requests, and other incident data.
  • Quickly access incident records for updates on dates, status, and case outcomes.
  • Seamlessly link employee incident data to discipline, grievance, or EEO cases.
  • Create action items such as notifications, reminders, tasks, meetings, and training to ensure compliance and patient safety.
  • Identify areas within healthcare organizations that require monitoring and improvement.
  • Track and manage dates, status, and case-by-case outcomes while generating necessary documentation.
  • Customize workflows to align with healthcare-specific requirements (for suspension, termination, performance assessments, or corrective plans).
  • Document disciplinary actions, import contacts, upload files, and add custom fields tailored to healthcare processes.
  • Track and manage employee grievance dates, status, and outcomes while generating required documentation.
  • Map out grievance process steps based on healthcare-specific policies and regulations.
  • Customize grievance workflows to address staffing, scheduling, and compliance scenarios.
  • Utilize historical data and trends to inform resource allocation and improve employee satisfaction.
  • Efficiently add notes, activities, tasks, contacts, files, and custom fields to each arbitration case.
  • Track arbitration dates, status, and outcomes while generating necessary documentation.
  • Build an arbitrator outcome scoreboard for convenient reference and analysis.
  • Streamline EEO case intake and management of progress and timelines in accordance with healthcare regulations.
  • Document and file investigations related to EEO claims and complaints.

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