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LaborSoft provides utility service companies with a centralized labor relations case management system that enables their HR professionals to keep their caseload in order, as well as use time efficiently. Reports and other useful meeting items are created and maintained easily through the cloud.

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Florida Power & Light Company

Florida Power & Light Company

Location: Juno Beach, FL

Industry: Utilities

Employees: 8,900

Before LaborSoft: Florida Power & Light Company used manual and PC based systems for tracking labor relations case management and reporting. Without a formal system for tracking grievances, arbitrations, and other labor relations activities, union activity was not being managed efficiently. The organization did not have a consistent view of the grievance or arbitration process.

With LaborSoft: FPL built a centralized labor relations case management system. Using the LaborSoft cloud, Florida Power and Light, could easily access all case data and case documentation. The centralized system encouraged collaboration among labor relations professionals, and managers could easily create case reports for both employee and union meetings. Centralized case data is also used to quickly generate standard reports detailing case status and activity. These capabilities gave Florida Power & Light labor relations professionals the tools they needed to effectively manage caseload activity and work with unions. 

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