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The word “strike” can send shivers down the most resolute of leaders’ backs, though none more so than those in the transit and transportation industries. Employee disputes, whether union or at-will hires, can bring operations to a grinding halt. HR managers need to do much more than keep the peace—they need to arm themselves with resources to see potential workforce issues before they surface across dispersed locations and field operations offices, while also trying to keep governing agencies running smoothly.

Transportation and transit authorities rely on LaborSoft’s case management and labor relations solutions to manage workforce issues, union grievances, and labor cases from initial report through resolution. These can help your authority:

Keep tabs on union compliance & collaboration to ensure timely results and avoid penalties

Keep track of multiple workplace grievances & arbitration cases within a single system for easier maintenance of employee & labor relations

Reduce the likelihood of potential problems BEFORE they gain momentum with intelligent insights, enhanced workforce analytics, and streamlined reporting tools

Reduce potential problems BEFORE they gain momentum.