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    How HR Should Handle Age Discrimination in the Workplace

    We live and work in a tumultuous time of acceptance. Ageism is alive and growing in the workplace despite the best efforts of Human Resources to minimize such occurrences. When faced with an age discrimination complaint HR administrators and office managers must proceed with the utmost caution and diligence. Your primary goal will be a swift resolution and to avoid lengthy and expensive litigation that could result in much more than a settlement. It could cost the company your reputation.

    Can Boss and Staff Relationships Put Your Company at Risk?

    Walking a Fine Line
    When the Boss/Friend Relationship with Co-Workers Puts Your Company At-Risk

    How Social Media Impacts HR Issues and Employee Grievances

    #EmployeeRelations – How Social Media Use Can Impact HR Issues and Employee Grievances

    How Unions Target Your Company's Unsatisfied Employees

    Worried about unionization of employees?

    Today’s companies, and particularly HR departments, need to be conscious of employee satisfaction while on the job. Competitive compensation alone doesn’t guarantee a happy and engaged workforce. Rather, working conditions, management misconduct, and growth opportunities all contribute to employee morale – and can have a significant impact on whether or not employees attempt to unionize.

    3 Tools That Can Reduce the Risk of an Employee Lawsuit

    Employee grievances, arbitration, and litigation have increased exponentially over the last 5 years. No business is immune to labor relations disputes. Google, Walmart, and Bank of America (to name a few) have all felt the sting of legal woes to the tune of monetary losses and damaged reputations. If found liable, companies stand to lose millions in revenue, partnerships, and the expensive buy back of character with regards to public relations and redemption. 

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