Modern HR Challenges Call For An All-In-One Employee Relations Software Solution

Today's workforce is like no other. Your employees could be dispersed all over the world, and they’re offices could be at home, in a cafe, or even the stands of a little league game. Clocking in at any time of day or night, individuals are completing tasks and fitting work into their own schedules.

An HR department needs employee relations software capable of keeping up with this fast-changing work environment. Older solutions which assume everyone is under the same roof are no longer sufficient. A modern employee relations solution needs to be an all-in-one package, capable of keeping track of a distributed workforce, while being available without fail 24/7/365 from any location.

LaborSoft offers that solution in an easy-to-use package which is trusted by both private businesses and government agencies around the world.

The LaborSoft Employee Relations Software Advantage

LaborSoft brings complete oversight and control to the HR department. We combine all the features you need in a single application, with a single login. Cloud hosting makes LaborSoft available no matter where you or your workforce may be located.

LaborSoft offers:

Complete Employee Management

See and track every worker, regardless of your organization's size or scope. Instantly access performance records, outstanding tickets, disciplinary action, job qualifications, and more. Everything you need to know is at your fingertips.

Incident Tracking

All incidents of note are stored in a single database, ensuring nothing goes overlooked. LaborSoft can track complaints, violations, disciplinary measures, and more, while enabling you to quickly implement action items to address the issues. Detailed reporting allows you to also pinpoint areas creating issues. With LaborSoft employee relations software, you don't have to respond to incidents - you can get ahead of them and prevent them from happening.

Grievance Management

Managing unions and trade organizations adds another layer of complexity to HR. It’s not uncommon that there’s an employee dedicated to union relations, especially when multiple unions are being used. LaborSoft is fully equipped to handle this as well. Your team can track all grievances and their outcomes, as well as any action plans based on bargaining agreements. You also get access to deep analytics and reporting that can improve your negotiating stance.

Improving Employee Experience

Streamlined employee relations software improves the worker experience as well. Employees gain access to a portal for self-managing scheduling, PTO requests, FMLA accommodations, and more. They'll also have a direct line to HR for any necessary communications. Making your workers' lives easier will lead directly to higher morale and better productivity.

Better Employee Relations Software Brings Better Results

The HR department is the gatekeeper of productivity and profitability. As your ability to oversee and manage the workforce grows, so does your ability to realize cost-savings across the entire business.

LaborSoft’s advanced automation features and alerts reduces the time you have to spend taking care of routine tasks. You'll be able to do more, in less time, with lower expenditures.

From Fortune 500 companies to local public utilities, LaborSoft is a scalable employee relations software solution that fits any operation's needs. LaborSoft adapts to your specific situation, putting the information you need at your fingertips. HR should always work smarter, not harder, and LaborSoft makes that easy.

Learn more about how LaborSoft can take your HR processes to the next level. Schedule a customized demo with an expert today!