ELR Case Management from Open to Archive

Employee and labor relations have faced numerous challenges as of late including the global outbreaks, rise of remote work, and ever-increasing government regulations on personnel management.

Manual processes and antiquated HR case management software is too risky, and simply obsolete. The handling of today’s HR issues and open cases is an involved process that requires precision accuracy, collaboration, and factual data to avoid any type of legal repercussions.

Modern HR Case Management Software For Modern Challenges

LaborSoft is your all-in-one single-login solution for tracking employees, incidents and cases - no matter where they are. LaborSoft combines the tools you need in one place to simplify and streamline your employee and labor relations workforce management, including:

HRIS-Compatible Personnel Management

LaborSoft is compatible with your existing HR databases, and puts all your workforce at your fingertips. Every worker's full file is available on demand, from work history to incident reports. You can quickly and easily audit their records, or run reports on the workforce as a whole based on any necessary criteria. Pin down large-scale issues, or pinpoint a worker who's prime for advancement.

EEO Claims Management

EEO violations can be far too costly for a business, and LaborSoft helps ensure they don't happen. We offer an EEO-specific module that contains all relevant documents and filings, while tracking any active claims or complaints. All documents are retained as long as is necessary by law. Stay on top of your EEO requirements, without taking up your time.

Incident and Discipline Oversight

Don't let violations or reports go overlooked. Complaints can be immediately investigated, and correlated with existing employee records. Reports can be run on as many or as few workers as needed. All disciplinary action is tracked and reported on as well, including completion dates or any further violations. With LaborSoft, there's no worry of problem employees slipping through the cracks.

Robust Data Protection

• Your HR database contains some of your most sensitive information - and is a prime target for data thieves or other malicious actors. We take security seriously, with high-bitrate encryption of our servers and robust user authentication. For your protection, data is backed up across multiple secure databases in different locations. A single attack will never compromise your HR records, when you partner with LaborSoft.

LaborSoft: Working Smarter, Not Harder

Our focus is on helping you and your department manage HR cases swiftly, efficiently, and without error. Automation and collaboration tools, along with searchable archives ensures your cases are processed with equity.  With LaborSoft on your side, you'll save time and money on operations, while helping prevent any errors which could cause costly lawsuits and impact your bottom line.

See how easy it is to put LaborSoft to work for your HR department.