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LaborSoft recognized the need to deliver a timely and well documented Labor Management Solution to give you insight and control into your workforce and organization, and has developed a comprehensive solution for the Public, Government, State, City, and Authority Agencies and Municipalities. Instead of using multiple systems for cases, information, files and important documentation, LaborSoft customers in these sectors have streamlined their HR processes to be more time efficient and comprehensive by using LaborSoft.

LaborSoft is seasoned in these sectors and well versed and experienced in the many rules, regulations and often strict stipulations,  including specialized fee schedules, union issues, safety and risk mitigation and more.  


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Bernalilo County

Bernalillo County

Location: Bernalillo County New Mexico

Industry: Municipality

Employees: 10,000

Before LaborSoft: As public office representatives and services expanded so did the challenges for this area's Employee Relations Department. Bernalillo County started receiving an increase in the number of grievances at a rapid pace, and manual facilitation of complaints was failing them as an organization.  

of grievances.While outside investigative companies were contracted for major issues, smaller inquiries were conducted in-house with an influx of documented complaints, Benalillo County found it impossible to keep pace with the antiquated procedures. Accuracy suffered and grievances became too cumbersome and labor-intensive to the point where they were losing money due to the inefficiency of their processes.

With LaborSoft: Bernalillo County vetted several technology providers that offered online and cloud-based management of HR-related issues. LaborSoft’s cost-effective platform with all-inclusive capabilities immediately caught their eye. 

LaborSoft’s initial solution replaced pc-based entry logs with a customized platform that generated trackable case numbers for each compliant. Centralizing the storage of all documentation, and categorizing information for quick access, the county minimized manual errors and provided a single repository for all grievances.

Once established, LaborSoft’s user-friendly system was quickly adapted by the Employee Relations managers, and results were evident within the first month of implementation. Archives were created, and a unified data source was accessible to all parties involved in ongoing and unresolved complaints. This reduced the number of operational hours that were needed to process investigations while expediting the number of closed cases.

In the three years since Bernalillo County first partnered with LaborSoft, they have now expanded use of the platform to include customized reporting capabilities, asset storage of audio interviews, video footage, and accompanying imagery, and increased access to the system to benefit other departments.

Today, Bernalillo County’s Employee Relations department records and manages all investigations and complaints through LaborSoft. Interactions with staff, and resident inquiries such as Unemployment claims, ADA accommodations, Freedom of Information requests, and citizen complaints are efficient and swiftly followed up to keep the process moving.

LaborSoft has been introduced to County and Risk Managers to help simplify the complexities of Union grievances, Tort claims, personal injury, property theft, vandalism, and to mitigate potential employee risks. Managers are also using LaborSoft’s technology for trend analysis - to determine who is asking for public information, departments receiving the most complaints, how many employment claims are outstanding, and to further understand and improve organizational procedures.

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