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How will you overcome today’s most complex labor relations challenges?

Managing the HR and labor union relationship has gotten more complex:

  • Dispersed workforces are now the norm. Employees could be located anywhere in the world, working at any time of day or night, with unique local labor laws and unions.

  • Regulations and other governmental burdens are increasing. Full legal compliance is an ongoing struggle that requires constant changes to organizational policies for labor relations and unions.

  • Cybersecurity is an ever-present concern. In an increasingly connected world, risks related to data breaches or loss of sensitive files are always on the rise.
Employee Relations Software - LaborSoft

The Case Management Tools HR Labor Relations Professionals Need

HR managers need a labor relations system that’s capable of keeping up with the fast-changing modern labor landscape. Our all-in-one labor relations case management software puts all the personnel information, grievance processes, and case documentation you need in one place — an encrypted cloud-based storage system that can be accessed from anywhere.

Benefits of the All-in-One LaborSoft Platform

Our software helps to mitigate the risks of operational bottlenecks and costly lawsuits due to union issues or HR complaints.

Streamlined Templates

Spend less time on routine tasks. Convenient labor-specific templates and automated workflows empower your HR team to achieve operational goals faster, with more consistency, and with fewer incidents.

Customized Reporting

Utilize all of your historical data and trends from a central repository of personnel, grievance, and arbitration information to generate detailed custom reports on demand.

Scheduling and Task Reminders

Detailed monitoring of grievance or arbitration schedules — with automatic task reminders for each step — will ensure that all labor relations processes stay on track and in compliance with required timelines.

Enhanced Real-Time Collaboration

With cloud-based hosting and fully accessible software that puts everything in ONE PLACE, your team can easily work together on labor relations cases — without multiple platforms or bolt-on apps.

Centralized, Modern Labor Relations Case Management Software

LaborSoft puts all critical labor relations functions at your fingertips, from an integrated grievance management system to tracking of arbitration outcomes, storage for personnel records, and a database of securely encrypted case files.

This is labor relations made easy for the modern HR professional. Each feature is laser-focused on reducing your workload while improving your power to oversee union and labor case management.
  • Arbitration Management

  • Grievance Management

  • Personnel Management

  • Robust Cloud Security

  • Store all documents and files relating to arbitration in labor-management negotiations — accessible from anywhere.
  • Track all arbitration dates, status, and outcomes.
  • Generate necessary documentation on demand.
  • Add notes, activities, tasks, contacts, files, and custom fields to each arbitration case.
  • Build an arbitrator outcome scoreboard to track and understand successes and failures.
  • Map out grievance process steps based on union and labor law-specific policies and regulations.
  • Track and manage labor relations grievance dates, status, and outcomes.
  • Generate necessary documentation on demand.
  • Customize your grievance workflows to address all CBA and local labor law compliance scenarios.
  • Stay on top of union communication as well as any action plans based on bargaining agreements. 
  • Access every record for every employee instantly, from anywhere.
  • Leverage easy integration with all standard HRIS software systems.
  • Store job performance reports, incident logs, labor-related complaints, and all other records in a single location.
  • Access deep analytics and reporting that can improve your labor relations stance.
  • Enjoy peace of mind from the maximum security protocols LaborSoft has in place to prevent data breaches.
  • Automatically encrypt all data stored in LaborSoft against theft.
  • Store all labor relations data in one place, eliminating patchwork cybersecurity across disconnected platforms.
  • Back up sensitive data and important documents in multiple remote servers. Cloud security prevents losses due to disaster or malicious attack.

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