LaborSoft - Your All-In-One Labor Relations System

Managing the business of HR has gotten more complex. Disbursed workforces are now the norm, and employees could be located anywhere in the world, working at any time of day or night. Regulations and other governmental burdens are increasing as well, making full legal compliance an ongoing struggle that requires constant changes to policy.

HR managers need a labor relations system capable of keeping up with the fast-changing modern labor landscape - and that is what LaborSoft specializes in. Our all-in-one labor management system is designed to provide all the features you need, in one place, hosted in a cloud system that can be accessed from anywhere.

Centralize And Modernize Your Labor Relations

LaborSoft puts all critical functions at your fingertips, for instant use, retrieval, and analysis.

This includes:

Robust Personnel Management

Every record for every employee is available instantly, with easy integration with all standard HRIS software systems. Job performance reports, incident logs, and all other records are always there when you need them.

Incident Management

Never let an incident slip through or be forgotten. Creating incident logs and tickets is simple, and can then be tracked automatically as they are addressed. Automated reminders ensure the case remains active until resolved. Full analytics can be run on any/all incidents, for deeper research into the causes of ongoing issues.

Discipline Management

All relevant disciplinary actions can be logged, as well as being available to any relevant employees managers who need to see them. The system stays up-to-date with current legal requirements, and is capable of auto-filling numerous government forms and documents on demand. Workflows for disciplinary action can be tailored to match your own rules.

Grievance Management

Stay on top of any issues relating to unions and collective bargaining agreements. Avoid any costly mistakes or contract breaches which could give the union bargaining power. Fully track all grievances, as with internal incident reports, with robust analytics behind them.

Arbitration Management

The LaborSoft labor relations system can store all of the documents and files relating to ongoing arbitration cases, available on demand as needed. An arbitrator outcome scoreboard helps track your successes and failures, while giving you the tools necessary to understand the deeper issues at play.

EEO Claims

Don't allow EEO claims to disrupt your organization or cause costly settlements. All relevant documentation, investigations, and reports are instantly available at all times. Keep tabs on all claims automatically, so that nothing slips by.

Robust Security

LaborSoft takes security seriously! Your HR database contains some of your company's most sensitive data, and our cloud-based solutions make security easy. Data is encrypted against theft, as well as backed up in multiple remote servers to prevent the possibility of data loss due to disaster or malicious attack.

Work Smarter, Not Harder, With LaborSoft Labor Relations Management

Every aspect of LaborSoft has been designed with the modern HR professional in mind. Our software is easy to use, and each feature is laser-focused on reducing your workload while improving your power to oversee operations. With LaborSoft on your side, you won't merely manage HR incidents - you can help prevent them from happening in the first place.

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