One tool for all your employee and labor relations needs

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LaborSoft’s software provides you with customizable modules that cover all of your employee and labor relations needs.

From initial filing through resolution, our modules will simplify your workforce analytics using:

Case Tracking and collaboration

HRIS synchronization and personnel manager

Workforce reporting and analytics

Shared services

Implementation and training

System administration

Custom Modules

The Power of Expertise Developed with HR Exclusively in Mind

LaborSoft puts YOU in control of your employee information with automated workflows and customized modules that allow you to achieve operational goals faster and with fewer incidents so you can keep your company in full compliance with industry regulations. But what we also have is the expertise with a direct line to senior-level support. In other words, we take care of HR functions so HR can focus on what it’s intended to—taking care of your employees.
With LaborSoft, all of your HR bases will be covered using our customized modules tailored to all of your data-sensitive functions, including performance reviews, progressive disciplines, leave requests, employee complaints, and so on.
  • Personnel Manager

  • Incident Manager

  • Discipline Manager

  • Grievance Manager

  • Arbitration Manager

  • EEO Claims Manager

LaborSoft simplifies your job and provides one centralized hub for you to access all of your Personnel Management tasks, such as:

  • Employee records & incident logs
  • Easy HRIS integration
  • Job history auditing
  • Case history views

LaborSoft’s Employee Incident Tracker is the tool that records, tracks, and reports on any employee incidents that impact your organization so you can address and resolve them quickly, consistently, and effectively. Features included are: 

  • Track complaints, investigations, violations, FMLA or accommodation requests & more.
  • Access incident records and view or update dates, status, and case outcomes easily.
  • Link employee incident data to discipline, grievance, or EEO cases.
  • Create action items, such as notifications, reminders, tasks, meetings, trainings, etc.
  • Pinpoint organizational areas for monitoring and improvement

Our Discipline Management module allows for the automation and collaboration of disciplinary documentation and processes across your organization so you can provide insightful leadership and meet management objectives. The discipline module allows you to: 

  • Track dates, status, and case-by-case outcomes, and generate forms when needed.
  • Customize workflows to meet your requirements, such as suspensions, terminations, absenteeism, performance improvement or corrective action plans, etc.
  • Document disciplinary actions by making notes, importing contacts, uploading supporting files, or adding any custom fields you like.

Our Grievance Management module enables you to respond to any union or labor relations issues in a consistent and timely manner. Whether your organization is unrepresented, unionized or both, the module is configurable to your workforce’s collective bargaining agreements, HR policies, and employee dispute resolution procedures. Reports and metrics allow you to:

  • Track employee grievance dates, status and outcomes, and generate forms when needed.
  • Map out the steps in your grievance process via your collective bargaining agreements.
  • Customize your grievance workflows, such as overtime, attendance, and safety conditions.
  • Utilize historical data & trends to inform resource allocation, and contract negotiations.

Our Arbitration Management module is your storage area for all labor arbitration documentation and information. With everything HR needs in one place, preparing and presenting during arbitration cases will become simpler and more efficient. Prepare for arbitration cases by:

  • Add notes, activities, tasks, contacts, files, or any custom fields to each arbitration case.
  • Track arbitration dates, status and outcomes, and generate forms when needed.
  • Build an arbitrator outcome scoreboard.

Our EEO Management module is the comprehensive case management tool that allows you to easily manage EEO claims and complaints, both within your organization and externally with federal agencies. Some features include:

  • EEO case intake and management of progress and timelines
  • Document and file investigations
  • Centrally archive and retain case documentation
  • Create reports and perform workforce analysis

One tool for all your employee and labor relations needs.