Our Solutions

Configurable, cloud based, and cost effective best describes our HR solutions at LaborSoft. Our no-hassle software is designed to streamline your employee and labor relations cases and push your business to achieve its goals. Each of our configurable modules will help get your organization where it wants to be.

LaborSoft provides tangible solutions through centralized case tracking and collaboration, document storage, and workforce reporting and analytics. By having your data in the cloud, your HR team is given more insight while their productivity increases. 

All your bases will be covered by our: personnel manager, incident manager, discipline manager, grievance manager, arbitration manager, EEO manager, and reporting & analytics tools.

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Personnel Manager

Gain access to your employees' records with just one click. Through integration with your existing HRIS, the personnel manager is the centralized hub that hosts all of your employee information and incidents.

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Incident Manager

Record, track, and report any HR issue that impacts your organization or your employees. With all your data in one place, you'll be able to create actions items, automate HR processes, and track each incident.

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Discipline Manager

Automation and collaboration of discipline information and actions become a reality with our discipline manager. Disciplinary cases and documentation will be centrally located, providing insightful leadership and management objectives.

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Grievance Manager

Respond to grievances in a consistent and timely manner and take control of cases that are being disputed by an employee or a union. Our grievance manager is configurable to meet the needs of your collective bargaining agreements.

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Arbitration Manager

Acting as the storage unit, as well as the place where you can plan and execute your case tasks, the arbitration manager is home to all your arbitration-related information and documentation.

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EEO Manager

Track and manage case timelines and all EEO claims and complaints with the comprehensive EEO manager. Configure the EEO manager to manage all your organization's confidental cases.

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Reporting & Analytics

Organize and define your most important data to capture trends, vulnerabilities, and successes throughout your organization. Build standard and custom reports, charts, and dashboards.

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