Designed and Developed Specifically for HR

Got data? Your employee information is sent automatically from your HRIS to LaborSoft for up-to-date results. Performance reviews, progressive disciplines, leave requests, and employee complaints should (and will) be documented and saved in an employee’s personnel file. With LaborSoft you can search an employee’s full history and activity, record, archive and retrieve documentation for any employee event, and review information for complete accuracy and consistency.

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Reports, Dashboards & Analytics

Business intelligence that drives mission-critical goals. With point and click accessibility, you can easily customize LaborSoft reports, generate automated data mines, and get the information you need to make more informed business decisions.  Identify patterns and problems in departments before they get out of hand. From management to individuals our ad- hoc reporting and charting tools help you pinpoint issues related to policy, training, or collective bargaining. Some HR departments don’t need case management, but every company needs business analytics.

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Incident manager

Incident Manager

The incident manager is the workhorse of LaborSoft, and it is configured to meet your unique requirements.

Record, track, and report any HR event that impacts your organization or your employees. This could be a policy violation, employee complaint, FMLA, exit interview, accommodation, or background check.

LaborSoft has you covered. Centralized, collaborative, and fully accessible, our repository and automated workflow system unifies your team and does most of the legwork for any and every HR event in your organization. Avoid millions of dollars in legal fees, penalties and payouts with LaborSoft’s Incident Manager.

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Discipline Manager

We do all the work, so you can get more work done.

Automate and collaborate discipline information and actions.

Policy violations, performance reviews, progressive disciplines, and more – LaborSoft's Discipline Manager has you covered.

Centralized, multi-user, and fully accessible, our repository and automated workflow system documents your disciplines, unifies your team and and provides discipline consistency.  Avoid millions of dollars in legal fees, penalties and payouts with LaborSoft.

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Grievance Manager

Union grievances and negotiations just got less complex. LaborSoft helps you respond to union related issues in a consistent and timely manner. Configuration of this module is based on the CBA, and LaborSoft can take as many as you can throw at us! Multiple CBAs? No problem, we support an unlimited number of CBA workflows – each one individually. So, when it comes time to renegotiate your union contract you will understand what articles are being grieved, where grievances are taking place, and the risk they present to your organization. How’s that for getting it done! The grievance module can also be configured to meet dispute resolution procedures if you’re unrepresented. LaborSoft gives your organization the tools needed to establish a fair and balanced workplace.

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Arbitration Manager

Keep it out of court and out of your hair. Hundreds of employable hours are taken from productivity and redirected on Labor Relations arbitrations. Millions of dollars are dished out on settlements, compensation and damages each year as a result of ineffective case management – and millions more in trying to regain the respect and reputation that can be destroyed by a high- profile labor lawsuit. The arbitration manager is a central hub for all documentation and information. It is linked to the grievance manager so everything you need in one place to prepare and present during the arbitration process. Simple, efficient management will minimize risk of miscommunication and mishandling of materials that can result in adverse judgments for companies.

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EEO Manager

More than a half a billion dollars was shelled out to victims of discrimination in the workplace last year. And we can bet that wasn’t a line item in the annual budget. As an HR manager or business owner, the last thing you want to come across your desk is a discrimination charge notice from the EEOC. LaborSoft is an effective EEO management resource to help you monitor and facilitate all claims and complaints, both internal and external. Track progress and timelines with the right tools for HR. Keep pace with changing compliance and federal guidelines. And report on trends throughout the organization to train management and avoid conflict.

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The Power of Expertise

LaborSoft provides tangible solutions through centralized case tracking and collaboration, document storage, and workforce reporting and
analytics. By having your data in the cloud, your HR team is given more insight while their productivity increases. 


All your bases will be covered by our: personnel manager, incident manager, discipline manager, grievance manager, arbitration manager,
EEO manager, and reporting & analytics tools.

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Workplace bullying costs $250 million annually.


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Human resource managers spend 24%-60% of their time trying to resolve workplace conflicts. 

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Almost 60% of human resource managers have seen violent incidents as a result of workplace conflicts.

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22% of employees are less engaged at work because of workplace conflicts.

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84% of senior business executives see favoritism in their own companies.

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46% of new hires fail in the first 18 months, for attitudinal reasons & skills.

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LaborSoft has made it easy for our office to track and process HR issues in-house. It has saved the county both time and money..” 
Ralph Chavez - Employee Relations
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