Discipline Manager

With the LaborForce Discipline Module, your team or support staff can automate the process of tracking all of the Discipline information across the organization. All disciplinary cases are centrally located for easy access and resolution. HR professionals can look at data over time and discover disciplinary trends that are developing. Allowing leadership to gain control and provide insightful management of the discipline process.

Module Features

> Track Discipline dates, status, summaries and case outcome

> Track Disciplined Employees - link an employee from your Personnel Module to a discipline, automatically updating the selected employees personnel record

> Discipline Reason and Action Tracking - track and report in all your disciplines by custom discipline category or actions such as; absenteeism, tardiness, suspensions, terminations

> Activities/Notes - Enter any notes, or schedule a meeting regarding a Discipline and the involved Employees or Case Contacts. Have the appointment sync up to MS Outlook and notify the selected Employees or Contacts automatically.

> Contacts - Add Contacts such as Manager, Business Agent or Supervisor.

> Supporting Files - Scan Photos, Incident Forms, or any form of electronic file right into the Discipline record.

> Custom Fields - Add your own group of Custom Fields to track more specific, or unique data items
> Generate Forms - Create MS Word Mail Merge forms right from the Discipline record.