Discipline Manager 

Our discipline manager allows for the automation and collaboration of discipline information and processes.

Disciplines can easily be linked to incident data for easy access to all incident documentation. With this tool you and your team will provide insightful leadership and management objectives across your organization.

Document and help managers provide consistent discipline with the tracking process of the discipline module. With all disciplinary cases centrally located and documentation at your fingertips, using discipline to meet organizational goals, becomes achievable with just one click.

  • Track discipline reasons, dates, status, summaries, and case-by-case outcomes, for any employee.
  • Configure discipline reasons and workflow to meet your organizations requirements - create discipline workflows, actions such as suspensions, terminations, absenteeism, performance improvement, etc.
  • Document discipline cases - add notes, contacts, supporting files, and generate forms.
  • Add custom fields - track more specific or unique data items

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