Grievance Manager

Our Grievance Software enables you to respond to cases and employee complaints in a consistent and timely manner.

This module enables you to take control of cases that are being disputed by an employee or a union. Whether your organization is unrepresented, unionized, or both, the grievance software module is configurable to meet the needs of your collective bargaining agreements, HR policies, and employee dispute resolution procedures.

Utilize valuable HR reports and metrics provided by this module to prepare yourself for arbitration, as well as identify trends in the workforce, resource allocation, and contract negotiations. Make action items and case management workflows directly within each case.

  • Minimize employee complaints by utilizing historical data and trends
  • Track aggrieved employees, grievance dates, status, summaries, and case outcomes.
  • Map out all the steps in your grievance process via your collective bargaining agreements.
  • Customize your grievance types such as: overtime, attendance, employee issues, and unsafe working conditions.
  • Add notes, activities, and tasks to each case.
  • Add contacts, supporting files, custom fields, and generate forms.

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