Incident Manager

Our incident manager is the tool that records, tracks, and reports on HR issues that impact your organization or your employees.

Having all information associated with each particular incident in one place will enable you to monitor, collaborate, create tasks, or generate training associated with each incident.

By tracking every incident, you'll easily locate areas within your organization that may need review. With this information, developing action items and training for certain employees or areas will become obtainable. This tool will ensure incidents within your organizations are addressed and resolved consistently.

  • Track any HR event such as complaints, investigations, safety violations, absences, FMLA, accommodations etc.
  • Access incident dates, status, summaries, and case outcomes.
  • Link incident data to discipline, grievance, or EEO case
  • Create actions items such as reminders, tasks, schedule a meeting, or notify certain employees by email.
  • Personalize incidents - add notes, contacts, supporting files, and generate response letters. 

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