HR Analytics & Reporting Tool

Our HR Reporting tools organize and define your most important employee data in a way that captures trends, vulnerabilities, and successes throughout your organization.

The HR analytics and reporting tool was built by LaborSoft for HR professionals. There is no need to go outside the HR department when HR reports are needed. All reporting is "point and click" or "drag and drop."

Build a complete set of standard reports, as well as custom built reports, charts, and dashboards. Trends can be identified by issue, person, location, or EEO status. Minimize employee complaints utilizing HR analytics and your existing employee data.  Caseloads become manageable, accountability becomes routine, and proactive employee and labor relations are encouraged.

  • Drag and drop reporting
  • Export reports
  • Quickly access custom views of cases and data
  • Create and customize charts
  • Use dashboards for multiple charts on one page
  • Customize reporting

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