Our tools and services are specifically designed for employee and labor relations professionals. Implementation is completed in weeks, and there is no need for an outside consulting firm. With a low cost of ownership and no hardware to install, training and implementation are quick and simple. We work closely with your HR team as we configure the application. This insures productivity as soon as the system goes live.

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LaborSoft is the software solution you've been looking for. Leave PC-based enterprise software frustration behind and access your important data from any device you need to, at work or on the go. Centralized case tracking and collaboration, document storage, workforce reporting and analytics are all made simple by our cloud based solution. With no software to install, your organization will be reaping the benefits from LaborSoft within weeks of implementation.

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Implementation of LaborSoft is quick and painless. Unlike other HR software options, there is no hardware to install and most implementation is finished within 60 to 90 days. A team of consultants is not required. We will provide you with everything you need to implement a successful system. LaborSoft is committed to your organization's success. We want to see you achieve your goals. To help you reach them, our implementation services include system configuration and end user training.

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Proper training ensures a new system's success. This is why we includes both end user and administrative training within the implementation services. At LaborSoft we're not just software experts, we're HR professionals. Need training after an upgrade? Call us and we'll directly connect you with one of our experienced HR professionals.

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Ongoing Support

Our end goal here at LaborSoft is to set you up for success. To achieve this we will do what it takes to support you and the use of our software. We don't just set you up and wish you well. We are committed to fixing any issues you may have. We're available to you for support and ongoing training.
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