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Cloud-based and completely accessible, our platform provides a single place, for you with your team, to manage, document, and analyze all you HR activity. With the collaborative tools and automation that keeps everyone in the loop and on track, tasks are completed in a timely fashion with the utmost accuracy. A centralized database and archival system ensures consistency, analytics provides the business insights to make informed decisions, and the user-friendly interface makes you wish that all your HR functions were this easy.

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No techies required. LaborSoft will configure the application to meet your needs. You are never forced into a “proprietary” process. Need to change that process or workflow? No problem, we’ll even help you do it. Integrate with your HRIS?  Of course. Data from any HRIS or payroll system can be automated to update nightly for near real- time results. Need role-based security?  We’ll show you how to setup restrictive accesses to different users or departments. We’ll get you up and running the way you need it to be, when you need to be. And we’re here for you throughout the partnership, checking in to ensure you’re optimizing the platform and always getting the results you need.

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Our application is very easy to use. Self-explanatory in fact. But rest assured, we take you step-by-step through the entire platform before putting you in the driver’s seat. Therefore, LaborSoft includes complete user and administrator training for the life of the partnership. From initial training to refreshers, new hires and introduction of the latest features – we’ve got you covered.  

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We know you’ve got this - but we’re not going anywhere. We’re here for you - rolling out updates and introducing new solutions driven by HR trends. Experts are always a phone call or email away. And sometimes you’ll be hearing from us too. We like to check in, make sure you’re optimizing the solutions available or modifying the system as needed to keep it relevant. We’ll ask you how things are going because at this point, our goal is no different than when we first met you…to ensure that your HR employee and labor relations management is made easier.

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Our tools and services are specifically designed for employee and labor relations professionals. Our Software helps with management and mitigation of topics like workplace harassment. So just how prevalent is harassment in companies across the country?


Nearly 1/2 of working women have been harassed in the workplace.


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Polls show only 10% of employers reported adding harassment  training and resources to their organization in wake of the #MeToo movement.

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72% of women who are harassed in the workplace do not report it.

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1 in 3

1 in 3 of the executives interviewed said they changed their behavior at work due to the #MeToo movement  in order to avoid anything that could be perceived  as sexual harassment.

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The top 3 reasons harassment goes unreported:

  1. fear of being labeled a troublemaker
  2.  their word against their harasser's
  3.  fear of losing their job

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One-third of employees believe their workplace fosters sexual harassment from a small to a very great extent. To create a safe workplace, HR needs to be able to investigate  and manage claims efficiently.

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“LaborSoft allows management and Board of Directors make better, more informed business decisions that impact finances and operations to help forward the organization’s mission.”
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