Unlike other HR software options, there is no hardware to install and most implementations are finished within 60 days. A team of consultants is not required. We will provide you with everything you need to implement a successful system. LaborSoft is committed to your organization's success. We want to see you achieve your goals. To help you reach them, our implementation services include system configuration and end user training.

To ensure your organization's goals are met and implementation runs smoothly, we assign you professional technical and project management team members, ensuring each implementation is completed on time and within budget. Implementation timing depends largely on how quickly your organization can complete the required tasks assigned by the LaborSoft project manager.

Your project manager will be responsible for the successful implementation of LaborSoft. He/She will be the primary contact and will interface with other LaborSoft team members as necessary to complete the implementation.

The project manager will work closely with the following three individuals from your organization:

  1. Executive Sponsor - This person will have ultimate authority when dealing with the LaborSoft software configuration, number of user licenses purchased per property, user security, access privileges, and training. This person typically delegates the system configuration and set up tasks to the functional lead.

  2. Technical Lead - This person, typically comes from your HRIS or IT departments. He/She will work with the LaborSoft project manager and will be responsible for creating the employee data files from your HRIS application. The technical lead also works with the LaborForce project manager to develop both the upload frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, daily, ad hoc, etc.) and the upload methodology.

  3. Functional Lead - This person must have knowledge of your organizational structure and terminology, including incident, discipline, grievance, arbitration, EEO step procedures, and documentation and reporting requirements. The functional lead will work with the project manager and will be responsible for the tasks associated with configuring LaborSoft to meet your business requirements.


The primary tasks involved in configuring the LaborSoft software for your organization are:

  1. Project initiation meeting.
  2. Synchronization of employee and job information from your HRIS to LaborSoft.
  3. Configure the LaborSoft menu values to match your employee and labor relations terminology; such as incident types, discipline reasons, grievance types, cases statuses, etc.
  4. Configure the step procedures for the LaborSoft case management modules.
  5. Configure the LaborSoft user licenses and assign security permissions.
  6. End user and system administrator training.
  7. Functional review.
  8. Go Live!
  9. Celebrate!

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