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Don’t Put Labor Law Compliance at Risk With Obsolete Software

Outdated, obsolete software can hinder labor law compliance. LaborSoft's all-in-one software solution solves this with a flexible digital platform.

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Outdated digital solutions like spreadsheets for HR management (think Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets) can result in significant challenges—particularly in the realm of compliance. There is always a risk of non-compliance with evolving labor laws and regulations that could put your organization at risk, and the problem is exacerbated with a tool that is behind the times.

A transition to up-to-date HR management software can give you a consistent, efficient platform, helping to ensure regulatory compliance so you can focus on your role.

Why Spreadsheets Aren't Good Enough Anymore

There are all kinds of reasons why you should say goodbye to spreadsheets via Google Sheets or Excel. Some of the most commonly cited problems include that:

  • They require many hours of manual labor to input or update information
  • They don't have the ability to analyze complex data as well as HR-focused solutions
  • They can compromise the accuracy and reliability of HR data
  • They make it hard to track historical data
  • They're susceptible to human error — a fact we’ve known for a long time, and yet many companies continue to use them

These are just some of the reasons why using spreadsheets just isn't suitable as a business grows. The last thing any business wants is to be at risk of being in violation of labor laws or regulations, which is where specialized software comes into play. It is a reality that obsolete software like spreadsheets struggle to keep pace with these changing legal landscapes, and they aren't the best for ensuring information is tracked and reported correctly. 

Stories abound of companies that have suffered the consequences of poor regulatory compliance due to spreadsheets. For example, one private equity firm with stringent reporting requirements faced an investigation by auditors and regulators. It was found that, over a three-year period, six quarters (50%) were improperly reported due to consolidation and completeness issues. As a consequence, significant restatements were required.

LaborSoft's Solutions Ensure Compliance

With LaborSoft's solutions, you can mitigate risk. This innovative technology helps with case management workflow, documentation, and other needs, so you can focus on your role in human resources instead of spending excess time on updating outdated spreadsheets. 

Automation can smooth out your workflow and prevent bottlenecks around repetitive tasks while ensuring you remain compliant with regulations and protect sensitive information. Rather than worrying about data breaches, tracking the wrong information, or other issues, you can focus on your work.

Positive labor relations are key to a workforce that comes to work satisfied in its roles. Our all-in-one solution helps your organization make this possible by:

  • Streamlining conflict resolution and documentation
  • Taking care of general reporting and analytics
  • Ensuring reliable EEO tracking, incident tracking, and grievance tracking
  • Keeping arbitration organized and streamlined

Stay in compliance and on the right side of the law by using a solution that keeps all your reports updated and organized. By managing your labor relations more effectively, you'll position yourself as a leader in the HR space and create a better work environment.

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