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How Modifying HR Analytics Can Improve Remote Operations

With the demand for remote work during the current crisis LaborSoft explains how HR analytics and reporting can help you turn workforce data into action.

Workaround: How Modifying HR Analytics Can Improve Remote Operations


With the explosion of the Novel Coronavirus into our world, even the most resilient businesses have been thrown into an operations nightmare. Uncertain times have created a rapid need to change how organizations stay productive and safe, as well as cooperating with ever-changing mandates from local and federal governments.

In such an unpredictable environment, businesses have a few basic goals when adapting:

  1. To mitigate risk and uncertainty when and wherever possible.
  2. To recognize the humanitarian disaster behind the economic implications and to move forward with empathy and care.
  3. To continue operations using a strategic and adaptive model that showcases strong leadership and resiliency.

All of these goals center around Human Resources departments. How HR interfaces with staff at a distance is of crucial importance in the short-term transition. Even more important, however, is the long-term implications of a robust HR analytics program. Meaningful data serves to illustrate where remote operations can be improved as well as the opportunity they create.

Know Your People

To first address the short-term importance of HR analytics, we need to understand workforce planning. Normally, this refers to managing talent, ensuring the right skills are available to the right departments, and anticipating future departures or changes in an organization’s needs.

In this current landscape however, we can expand this to include geographic distribution of personnel and their level of risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

Real-time risk assessment helps companies know what their risk exposure is from the perspective of human capital and plan accordingly. HR departments that compile location data and create a model for establishing personnel risk are going to have an easier time adapting should essential team members need to take sick leave.

Getting a clear picture of the talent distribution within an organization will additionally help reveal gaps that may become increasingly relevant as the economic landscape comes into alignment. Outlooks as near as 6 months down the line are going to have very different talent requirements than the present days and businesses will need to be aware and nimble to react.

New Tech Means New Data

For so many businesses large and small, the past month has meant huge shifts into new platforms, software, and modes of communication. These new technologies all provide a surprising advantage to the HR analyst: additional data points. In the transition, meaningful HR data can be gathered about the opportunities and barriers that remote work presents.

The precise metrics that should be gathered by HR from these technologies are organization specific. However, the most categorically important metrics tended to pertain to employee productivity and employee engagement.

The switch to remote work has been a trying one for many. But through dialing in HR analytics and reporting, new opportunities can be made from a difficult situation all while prioritizing employee safety and wellbeing.


LaborSoft’s innovative technology is one of many integral solutions that keep your business, in business. Our employee relations analytics, case management workflows, and our central repository of documentation streamlines case management to mitigate risk of operational bottlenecks, costly lawsuits, and legal ramifications stemming from HR issues and complaints. This sensitive data requires that maximum security protocols are in place and that your information is protected at all times.



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