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Our Top Employee Relations Blogs for 2017

Read LaborSoft's top employee relations blogs from 2017 including topics on HR grievance processes, and best practices for documenting employee grievances.

Top Employee Relation Blogs for 2017

2017 was the year employee relations, disputes, and grievances were top of mind for many organizations. Documentation best practices and a review of HR grievance processes were among the most popular topics.

Take a look at our top five most read and shared posts on the LaborSoft blog:

#5: Laying the Groundwork for HR Investigations

To avoid HR investigations becoming a bottleneck in operations, or resulting settlements costing thousands of dollars, initial steps should be taken.  Advance preparation can streamline the process and resolve situations swiftly - with minimal disruption to the business. Read Laying the Groundwork for HR Investigations.

#4: Considerations for Employee Grievance Forms

Now more than ever, businesses are reevaluating their grievance processes.The first step, is of course, to examine the Employee Grievance Form. Read Cosiderations for Employee Grievance Forms.

#3: Three Reasons Why Your Organization Needs HR Case Management Software

Between the DOL and the DOJ, the changes coming out of Washington and state-level chairs are on the rise. With this, a host of new compliance ramifications are just some of the headaches businesses need to prepare for.  Read 3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs HR Case Management Software.

#2: Grievances & Issues You Should Be Documenting

HR grievances cost companies tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket each year. The loss of revenue and diminished reputation causes businesses to seek better ways to handle HR related issues. Read Grievances and Issues You Should Be Documenting. 

#1: Do’s and Don’ts of Employee Discipline Management

Employee discipline processes vary from business to business – and in some cases, from manager to manager. While there may be state and federal regulations in place, as well as recommendations for mitigating the risk of legal woes, there are several do’s and don’ts that companies should consider commonplace. Read Do's and Don'ts of Employee Discipline Management.

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