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Top 5 Must-Haves for Innovative HR Case Management Software

Managing employee issues can be timely and costly for HR. LaborSoft shares 5 must haves if you are considering using HR case management software to help.


It’s probably not news to you that HR case management software will help your organization stay on top of (and even ahead of) employee and labor relations issues.  We know that workforce issues including complaints, employee incidents, investigations, union grievances, corrective actions, arbitration, and EEO claims can be expensive and time-consuming from initial filing through resolution.

So, what are the must-haves to look for when vetting HR case management solutions?

1) Ease-of-Use

The right case management solution should provide you with one centralized place for all data inputting, whether it be documenting notes, inserting attachments, assembling a case log, keeping transcripts of interviews, etc.  In business, we know the old adage that time is money, so having to log and track this critical employee information in more than one spreadsheet or portal is arduous and unwieldy.  The easy-to-use platform should also provide you with the ability to compile and download standard or even customized reports.

2) Flexible Modules

A case management tool should also enhance and integrate seamlessly with all of your existing programs.  It should allow you to optimize all of your in-house systems’ effectiveness when analyzing employee and job data.  It should also offer personalized pages, menus and workflows, and flexible modules to meet your organization’s specific HR needs.

3) Security

We are all too fed up with the constant newsfeed fodder of data breaches and security snafus.  This is why it is imperative that you are matched with the right technology partner that employs top-notch data protection and a myriad of security features, such as nightly backups of your data, full disaster recovery, role-based security, and 256-byte encryption hosted in a distributed Microsoft Azure data center.

4) Powerful Analytics

Those who manage employee and labor relations issues grapple with objectivity on a daily basis and need to rely on tools that eliminate personal bias. Therefore, a solution that organizes and defines your organization’s most important data to display trends, vulnerabilities, and target improvements is essential. 

5) Archives & Document Retrieval

Checking archives and multiple platforms to locate employee documents can be frustrating to say the least.  A case management system with a central repository of information fosters ease of collaboration and can allow your employee and labor relations team to easily manage any HR event, and store and share all corresponding case documentation.

LaborSoft’s innovative technology is one of many integral solutions that keep your business, in business. Our employee relations analytics, case management workflows, and our central repository of documentation streamlines case management to mitigate risk of operational bottlenecks, costly lawsuits, and legal ramifications stemming from HR issues and complaints. This sensitive data requires that maximum security protocols are in place and that your information is protected at all times.


Download the full Buyer’s Guide to Case Management Software, and contact us for a customized demonstration and learn how LaborSoft can help you improve communications, build a more collaborative, safe, and supportive workplace, while reducing the likelihood of costly litigation. 


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