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6 Reasons Your Labor Management System Is the Key to HR Success

HR management gets more complicated every day. Learn how labor management systems can increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and boost your bottom line.


HR managers face a job that seems to grow in complexity every day. Managing a labor force was complicated enough when most employees worked from only one or a few worksites. In our post-COVID world, a company’s workforce might include remote workers located all over the country or perhaps even around the world. Multiple locations could mean multiple time zones. 

Even on-site employees might work flexible schedules that make managing a “work day” into an around-the-clock job. On top of these challenges, employment laws and regulations are constantly changing. You need a comprehensive technological solution for your HR challenges. LaborSoft’s employee and labor management system software can meet all of your needs with a secure cloud-based system that you and your team can access in the office and remotely.

How Does a Labor Management System (LMS) Help With Employee and Labor Relations?

A labor management system (LMS) is a software application — or a package of applications — that can handle at least several and perhaps very many of the functions of an HR department. LaborSoft has purpose-built a specialized LMS to assist HR departments with vital employee relations and labor relations concerns, including:

  • Auto-filling of numerous government forms and documents
  • Employee discipline management
  • Creation of incident logs and tickets
  • EEO claim tracking
  • Arbitration management
  • Complaint and grievance management

In addition to collecting case documents in one central repository and automating routine form-filling tasks, our robust LMS for employee and labor relations can help you to analyze data, track trends, and identify areas for improvement.

The LMS market is growing rapidly. From 2016 to 2020, for example, revenue for LMS software used to track time and attendance more than doubled from $1.14 billion to $2.4 billion. LaborSoft’s LMS software is cloud-based, so it will not occupy valuable space on your server. 

Employee & Labor Relations Software For Comprehensive Case Management

Whether your HR role includes personnel management, incidents, discipline, grievances, arbitration, EEO claims, or something else, a comprehensive cloud-based software platform keeps documentation simple and organized.

When it comes to managing employee relations, the goal is to maximize engagement, satisfaction, and retention while minimizing escalated or drawn-out incident processes. This is easiest with a system that helps you stay on top of current legal requirements and sends automated reminders to ensure the case remains active until resolved. With every employee record available instantly, your HR team will be equipped with the knowledge they need to react quickly and accurately to each situation and step of case management.

The benefit of an LMS is also clear in labor case management. A union collective bargaining agreement will set strict timelines and requirements for grievance resolution and compliance. A purpose-built software system for managing labor cases ensures that no deadline is missed and every step is fully documented, from the initial filing until resolution is reached.

Why Is a System for Employee and Labor Relations the Key to HR Success?

The labor relations process emphasizes a unique set of HR needs. A customized LMS software can address your specific concerns, including the following benefits:

1. Automation of Employee & Labor Relations Tasks

Our employee and labor relations LMS software can automate many routine tasks, such as performance reporting, alerts about case and document deadlines, and filling out required forms with data that’s available within other documents in the system. This saves time for HR managers and staffers, allowing them to focus on more pressing issues that require a human’s attention. Gone are the days of handwritten documents and manual data entry.

2. Greater Opportunities for HR Collaboration

Cloud-based LMS software creates a centralized, always-available system that HR personnel can access from any physical or geographic location on any approved device. Keep the whole team in the loop on important HR and case management developments, so no one has to spend time integrating data from different sources.

3. Increased Efficiency

By providing benefits like instant, remote access to critical records and automation of fillable data-entry tasks, LMS software can substantially improve HR departments’ efficiency at case management. Achieve far more in far less time and stick to labor case timelines so that you stay out of arbitration.

4. Improved Accuracy

When an HR department lacks an integrated system for managing employee information, mistakes are not only inevitable, they can also be common. An employee could make errors in transcription or data could become corrupted as it goes from one file format to another. Accurate data is essential for compliance purposes. Our specialized LMS software empowers your team to avoid problems by keeping all case documents and records in a proper, consistent format in a centralized repository that avoids issues with mismatched data on duplicate documents.

5. Data-Driven Success

The benefits described above mainly involve collecting and managing data. LMS software can do much more than that. It can analyze employment data to track performance and disciplinary issues at the individual employee level, company-wide, and everywhere in between. It can identify patterns that indicate inefficiencies. This ultimately helps a company’s bottom line. Savvy employers can use case management workflow technology to save on labor costs and other expenses.

6. Enhanced Security

HR departments deal with vast amounts of sensitive employee and case data, such as personnel files, reports on sensitive incidents, notes from arbitration meetings, and more. Employers have a responsibility to keep that information private. This once meant keeping employee case files in a locked cabinet with restricted access. It now means robust cybersecurity measures. LMS software from LaborSoft provides multiple levels of protection, including safeguards against data breaches, data backups, and disaster recovery services.

Learn More About How a Labor Management System Can Help Your Business

Employers must manage employment and labor issues efficiently, accurately, and securely. Labor management system software provides a one-stop solution for employers that allows collaboration while keeping sensitive information safe. LaborSoft provides a specialized employee and labor management system for modern HR case management. Contact us today to set up a customized demonstration and learn about how LaborSoft can meet your employee and labor relations system needs.


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