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3 Reasons Your HR Team Needs HR Case Management Software

Read 3 reasons why cloud-based HR case management software can help many companies keep up with the legal and legislative challenges of HR investigations.

Between the DOL and the DOJ, the changes coming out of Washington and state-level chairs are on the rise. With this, a host of new compliance ramifications are just some of the headaches businesses need to prepare for. 

Mid to large-sized companies are caught in the crosshairs of legislation and legal, making it difficult to keep up. Internal HR processes, including manual entry spreadsheet records for HR case management, are being retired for their lack of efficacy. More businesses are configuring cloud-based HR technology to pick up the slack, and protect companies from costly legal fees.


Think about it. Investigatory information slips through the cracks. A disjointed team of participants is representing your case. Fragmented testimony is the basis of your argument. Innumerable operational hours are spent on reconciling an open issue. All of these missteps add up to the high price of litigation and expensive settlement if you are found liable for an employee grievance.

HR case management technology bridges gaps in communication, streamlines workflows for swift resolution, and offers precision tracking of documentation, archived materials, and information on all complaints company-wide. The money invested in the technology can pay for itself ten times over in one lost case.


The supplemental benefits of HR case management are anything but bonus points. In fact, with capabilities that increase operations, improve performance, and automate processes, you end up minimizing the risk of HR grievances becoming an issue of its own.

Employing a case management solution that includes intuitive features that monitor employee infractions, attendance violations, and anomalies in production across all departments and geographically dispersed locations, lets you take a proactive approach at the root of an HR concern.


In addition to overseeing breakdowns in workforce violations, built-in business intelligence in HR case management systems can prove invaluable for companies. Forecasting and trend analysis across an entire business provides HR with the data to make more informed decisions.

Having complete visibility into your operations with regard to efficiencies and time management, along with the insights to redirect focus and predict outcomes is the type of transparency needed for companies to be more successful.  

LaborSoft is the number one partner for innovative HR case management. Our configurable, cloud-based technology makes it easy for you to document and archive all supporting materials for issues and grievances. LaborSoft saves you time and money with online features and capabilities that streamline investigations and minimize risk.

Contact us for a customized demonstration and learn how LaborSoft can help you improve communications, build a more collaborative, safe, and supportive workplace, and reduce the likelihood of costly litigation.

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