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Employee Data Breaches Result in Headaches for Companies

Employee and HR data is at risk in the world of constant breaches. LaborSoft dives into recent employee data breaches and what you can do to protect yourself.

Employee Data Breaches

Just how secure is your employee data?

The last few years can easily be defined as the start of a new era – the era of the data breach. And unfortunately we’ve only just entered this tumultuous period.

Sophisticated technology is regularly introduced into an arena driven by artificial intelligence, complex algorithms, and a matrix of shrouded code. However, you can be sure of one thing – hackers will up their own game to break or bypass this code.

We’ve all been witness (and many fallen victim) to recent breaches from big box brands to social media giants. Even departments of the US government have been targeted and compromised. An area of particular concern is of personnel data and breaches of employee information when a company is hacked. Such a violation can easily expose intimate details of an individual’s life including contact information, social security numbers, tax and financial statements, and names of family members.

The vulnerability that accompanies an employee data breach within an organization triggers an inevitable domino effect. Workers are susceptible to future cybercrimes, while companies struggle with the ramifications of insufficient safeguards once thought to be impenetrable.  

Aside from the associated costs of rectifying the situation (which can quickly impact annual profits), employees can challenge a company’s procedures and hold them liable for their own loss of confidentiality - thus increasing the cost of a data breach even more. HR issues and union grievances can be brought against a business if it’s shown that an employee’s privacy has been compromised. 

As if the financial implications weren’t enough, a company’s reputation can be jeopardized, making further recruiting a challenge. Plus, you risk losing some of your existing talent if you cannot show adequate protection of employee assets.

So again, the question remains…just how secure is your data?    

In this day and age, companies are wise to take every precaution against cyber threats. Employee data and HR information should be on par with client confidentiality and asset protection to avoid both legal consequences and to uphold the integrity of your business.

LaborSoft, the nation’s leading partner for employee grievance technology, partners with companies to mitigate risk of HR issues and costly litigation associated with employee management disputes. In addition to regular monitoring, we challenge our own protective safeguards to ensure the technology we offer remains impenetrable to newer cyber threats.

LaborSoft minimizes your risk by streamlining HR case management with the peace of mind that employee information is protected, and your company’s privacy is maintained in our system. Learn how more businesses are saving money with LaborSoft’s solutions for employee grievance management and labor compliance.        


LaborSoft is the number one partner for innovative HR case management. Our configurable, cloud-based HR technology makes it easy for you to document and archive all supporting materials for issues and grievances. LaborSoft saves you time and money with online features and capabilities that streamline investigations and minimize risk.

Contact us for a customized demonstration and learn how LaborSoft can help you improve communications, build a more collaborative, safe, and supportive workplace, and reduce the likelihood of costly litigation.


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