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Top 5 Disciplinary Issues that Plague HR Departments

When an HR dispute arises, there should be a procedure in place for how these disciplinary issues are handled. LaborSoft outlines some best practices for HR.

Top 5 Disciplinary Issues that Plague HR Departments

Human Resources Departments are charged with maintaining the safety and well-being of those in the workplace. 

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They enforce the state and federal guidelines set forth by the Department of Labor, and the corporate policies in place that are outlined in a company handbook. This ensures that their workforce is aware of the governing rules and guidelines, as well as their own rights as an employee.

When an HR dispute arises, there should be a procedure in place for how these disciplinary issues are handled. Depending on the situation, resolution can be sought in-house, through third-party investigations, or through an independent arbitration process. Due diligence is the key to avoiding expensive and damaging lawsuits.

Common Disciplinary Issues Workplaces Address 

  1. General Misconduct
    Insubordination! There’s a fine line between sarcasm and disrespect. And for some employees, there’s just a blatant rudeness or a volatile personality that can have viral consequences in a team environment. Nearly half of companies surveyed have had to deal with some sort of misconduct or a personality clash among employees. This needs to be addressed immediately before the situation spreads like wildfire throughout a company.
  2. Performance Issues
    Your employees are there for one reason and one reason on--to do their jobs. If you notice operations and productivity slowing due to a particular individual, a disciplinary meeting should be scheduled. Moving forward with trial periods and performance reviews may be just what you need to improve their output and avoid termination.
  3. Timekeeping and Absenteeism
    From buddy-punching to frequently calling in sick, the hours lost from employees’ time spent out of the workplace has a negative impact on your bottom line. Lateness, early exits, and recurrent absences are among the most common HR issues, with 1 in 6 employers stating that they’ve had to deal with these concerns first hand with their staff.
  4. Misuse of Technology
    The internet has given rise to a new (and now frequent) headache that HR and management must address. Misconduct involving email protocols, online usage outside of work related tasks, and even social media posts that can result in jeopardizing the company’s or an employee’s reputation has become a common disciplinary issue that can result in immediate termination.
  5. Harassment & Discrimination
    No surprise that this one tops the list of common disciplinary issues in the workplace given the events of the past year. Sexual harassment and discrimination claims are hot-button topics in HR and must be handled swiftly and by the book to avoid a costly lawsuit. Discrimination on any level should not be tolerated, and the policies, including how to report an incident, must be spelled out along with consequences to avoid dispute.

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