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Efficient Ways to Manage Labor Relations More Effectively

With HR being asked to handle more tasks and data than ever before LaborSoft offers some tips on how organizations can manage labor relations more efficiently

shutterstock_1075607918HR professionals know that managing all employee data and labor relations issues in an organization can cause a migraine. But, it doesn’t’ have to! Adopting a comprehensive employee records management program and tracking system is integral to veering away from problems, staying on top of trends, and preserving a sense of calm in the rearview mirror.

Document, Archive, and Streamline. . .Oh My!

HR has the lofty job of collecting and retaining confidential employee data, ranging from hiring information to performance data and even documentation of potential termination. Personnel files (even if they are paperless) are getting bigger and bigger these days—containing personal information including social security numbers and medical information, credit information gained during the hiring process, immigration forms in cases of visa sponsorship, as well as any lodged complaints or HR investigations conducted.

While it is a requisite practice to collect and track data in the 21st century, it has become increasingly clear that it is not enough to invest in data management software or analytics technologies if you’re not collecting the data, measuring it, and tracking it via platforms at your fingertips. In fact, having access to real-time data over a long period of time is critical when formulating a case against an employee as substantiation for any corrective action or termination down the line. So, your company should be tracking metrics like incident reports, employee complaints, absenteeism and leaves, and performance reports in their efforts to help manage labor relations.

A solution that organizes and correlates your organization’s most important data to display trends, vulnerabilities, and inform specialized training or even identify interventions allows HR and department heads to achieve a comprehensive bird’s-eye-view of their workforce. This way, they can focus on any bottlenecks or inefficiencies in workflow, anticipate outcomes, and refine more targeted strategies to manage BEFORE issues “snowball” out of control.

Also, having one central location for all of this employee data can minimize the time spent looking for, compiling, and sharing information with appropriate departments. Thus, a centralizedemployee case management system fosters ease of collaboration and can allow your employee and labor relations team to easily manage labor relations and any HR event, and store and share all corresponding case documentation for quick and easy access.

LaborSoft’s innovative technology is one of many integral solutions that keep your business, in business. Our employee relations analytics, case management workflows, and our central repository of documentation streamlines case management to mitigate risk of operational bottlenecks, costly lawsuits, and legal ramifications stemming from HR issues and complaints. This sensitive data requires that maximum security protocols are in place and that your information is protected at all times.


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