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Ways to Manage Stress and Minimize Issues in the Workplace

LaborSoft describes the different ways that HR can help employees manage their stress levels in order to help maximize satisfaction, morale, and productivity.

Stress in The Workplace

Mental health is one of the topmost issues that our overworked and over-scheduled generation strives to manage and maintain.  While some level of stress and exhaustion are part and parcel of a career-driven lifestyle, we all know that it is very important to minimize stressors that could impact our performance at home, at work, and in life in general.  Eliminating stress altogether is impossible, but there are strategies and methods that can be taught in order to assess stress and avert its potentially crippling side effects.  In fact, it behooves companies to implement practices that can help employees manage their stress levels and to provide outlets for them in order to maximize employee satisfaction, morale, and productivity

1) Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict and fear of confrontation can be the stuff that keeps people up at night.  However, most of the time, methods of communication and/or conflict resolution is not overtly taught.  Most companies assume that their employees possess these skills already and are surprised if communication lines break down and HR is presented with the need to intervene when employee relations issues are reported.  Teaching effective communication skills is the best way to curtail disagreements between coworkers.  If the people involved do not deal with the issue or seek assistance or intervention from HR, then it can build, causing stress and rifts between them, which could spiral and affect other employees and departments too. 

2) Work-Life Balance

Everyone needs a certain amount of rest and relaxation to maintain health and productivity.  This includes the proper amount of sleep, exercise, and stimulation.  Companies have become much more aware of this and have implemented various policies to ensure a more equal work-life balance over the past decade.  These include flexible working hours, allowing remote or work-from-home days, and some have gone as far as instituting “use it or lose it” vacation time, or even offering unlimited paid time off.  Whatever policies or perks are offered, it is important for employees to take advantage of them in order to limit stress and to equalize the amount of time spent at work and at home.


3) Corporate Wellness Programs

Most companies and insurance providers now offer a host of programs that assist employees in managing stress.  These can range from Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), which are work-based intervention programs designed to help employees resolve personal problems, to comprehensive self-care programs that involve diet and forming healthy habits, exercise (such as on-site gyms or fitness classes), tobacco cessation, alcohol or drug dependency, and behavioral health management.  Some even offer financial assistance counseling for debt, bankruptcy, and retirement planning.  These types of assistance and/or guidance offerings can be integral if employees are experiencing a personal or financial crisis and they don’t want to necessarily share it with their coworkers or supervisor.  In fact, many of these programs are completely confidential and can be life-saving in some cases.


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