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How Unions Target Your Company's Unsatisfied Employees

Companies that are targets for unionization often have the same employee relations issues in common. Union avoidance centers on HR tackling these issues.

Worried about unionization of employees?

union avoidance

Today’s companies, and particularly HR departments, need to be conscious of employee satisfaction while on the job. Competitive compensation alone doesn’t guarantee a happy and engaged workforce. Rather, working conditions, management misconduct, and growth opportunities all contribute to employee morale – and can have a significant impact on whether or not employees attempt to unionize.

Many companies “at risk” of unionization can circumvent this from occurring by being proactive and understanding ways in which unions target your employees. Addressing these issues before they become a cause of contention may have employees pulling back from organizing.

Common Issues That Make You a Target for Unionization   

  • Abusive treatment by management or supervisors
  • Workplace safety and compliance concerns
  • Lack of communication or responsiveness to HR issues
  • Job security and promotional opportunities
  • Inequality and discrimination in the workplace
  • Financial disparities for similar positions

Union avoidance is possible if you can convince your workforce of imminent change. In addition to addressing immediate issues, it doesn’t hurt to stress the less appealing attributes of union participation. A casual mention of monthly dues and stipends to a union (which is typically deducted from their paycheck); the potential for picketing and strikes which is unpaid and can result in lack of salary for weeks at a time; and that collective bargaining may prove unfavorable as there are no guarantees despite organizing or participating in a union.

Companies are also encouraged to accentuate the positive aspects of the current working environment including compensation and benefits, and promoting a more open and communicative workplace for all. An independence and individuality that can be threatened by union guidelines.

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