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5 Tools That Can Reduce the Risk of an Employee Lawsuit

LaborSoft discusses top technology for documentation, analysis, and actions that reduce the risk of employee lawsuits and their impact on your business.

mitigate employee lawsuits

Employee grievances, arbitration, and litigation have increased exponentially over the last 5 years. No business is immune to labor relations disputes. Google, Walmart, and Bank of America (to name a few) have all felt the sting of legal woes to the tune of monetary losses and damaged reputations. If found liable, companies stand to lose millions in revenue, partnerships, and the expensive buy back of character with regards to public relations and redemption. 

Today’s businesses are turning to case management and labor   relations software to ease the blow of potential catastrophic complaints. In addition to streamlining the union grievance process, the right labor relations solution should offer the tools and capabilities to help you mitigate the risk of employee lawsuits altogether.   

5 Must-Have Technology Tools for Labor Relations Management

1. Intuitive Analytics

One way to avoid the legal implications of employee disputes is to avoid this entirely. In order to do this, you need a way to identify root causes of issues and identify slowdowns in productivity that can be signs of impending complications.

Business intelligence software and customized reporting can help to alert you to potential problems and frequent complains to address these situations or augment corporate policies before employee issues arise.

2. Corrective Action Map

Once you’ve identified a potential risk, taking appropriate action “by the book” can reduce the risk of a lengthy legal battle. From handbooks to codes of conduct, a labor relations management system should help you contain the resources needed for employees to fully understand their rights and responsibilities.

Your system should outline corrective actions from written warnings through termination procedures. There should be no question as to HR procedures, and the direction management needs to take in order to improve the situation in the workplace, and/or take steps to support the employee in their position.  

3. Central Repository

Documentation is an important part of being prepared. The eventual escalation of some unpredicted workplace situation to an employee grievance or documented dispute is inevitable. To avoid arbitration or litigation, you'll need complete transparency into the events leading up to the issue. A central database for case management has proven crucial in these situations.

In addition to recording all statements, documenting the grievance down to the smallest detail, and assembling evidence or key materials in which to support your case, having a collaborative virtual workspace in the cloud in which to house and access this information on-demand will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

4. Automated Reminders

Labor cases can take a long time to resolve. Never lose sight of the next step in each case. Automated reminders will help your case managers to ensure progress is active and the case remains on-time until it is fully resolved. Delays in communication and missed deadlines (as laid out by CBA terms) can cause great harm to your position in a grievance or arbitration.

Your labor relations case management system should make it easy to track incident logs and tickets in a simple, user-friendly interface that includes helpful alerts and time-based reminders about upcoming deadlines for steps in the case, compliance-related reporting, and other time-sensitive communications.

5.  Robust Security

Take your cybersecurity seriously with labor case management and personal employee data. Your HR database contains much of your organization's most sensitive information.  Invest in a secure, cloud-based solution that make protecting it simple.

It's best if all data is encrypted against theft and backed up across multiple remote servers. This helps you to avoid any risk of data loss due to disaster and mitigate on-premise and paper-based vulnerabilities.

Manage Labor Relations Cases With LaborSoft

LaborSoft is the leading partner for HR Case Management technology. Our innovative system provides the capabilities, intelligence, and flexibility companies need to oversee today’s employee and labor relations issues.

Through an engaging, user-friendly interface with point-and-click features, we make it easy to store, search, archive, and navigate union case-related information. LaborSoft’s documentation, tracking, and reporting ensures HR grievances are facilitated quickly and accurately to save your company time and money managing HR investigations and minimizing employee lawsuits.

Contact us for a customized demonstration and learn how LaborSoft can help you improve communications, build a more collaborative, safe, and supportive workplace, and reduce the likelihood of costly litigation. 

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This blog was originally published on 2/7/2018 and was updated on 1/22/2024.

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