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    Follow These Steps When a Complaint is Filed with the EEOC

    Is Your Company At Risk?  Follow These Steps When an EEOC Complaint is Filed

    As an HR manager or company owner, you would probably agree that one of the last things you’d want to deal with would be a discrimination charge notice from the EEOC.  In the wake of the last year where harassment claims and lawsuits have pervaded both corporate and popular culture, the potential of such charges crossing your own desk looms large.  If you and your organization do find yourselves in this precarious position, the cautious steps you take to navigate through this EEOC complaint process may be your saving grace.

    Workplace Dress Codes: What Should HR Allow?

    Workplace Dress Codes: What’s Allowed?

    If you own a business or are a Human Resources manager, you know that establishing and enforcing a dress code is not the easiest feat.  It becomes even harder during the “dog days” summer months, when we are used to seeing the masses clad in tank tops, shorts, and sandals.  In the age of the casualization of dress in the workplace, there’s a fine line between allowing less formal clothing and making the office environment too breezy.  Consider the following topics when you are creating or revising a dress code policy:

    What Your Company Can Learn by Tracking Employee Turnover

     HR departments stand to gain a lot by tracking employee turnover.  Valuable data can be collected and deeper insights drawn to reveal the potential source of the turnover, whether it be job dissatisfaction or other more personal reasons.  This key HR metric can help companies assess and prioritize changes or adjustments to their culture or practices in order to decrease attrition and ensure retention of employees in the future.  Ultimately, employee turnover can result in the wasting of resources and training, as well as put a drain on your company’s bottom line.

    Are You Tracking These Common Employee Relations Issues?

    If you own a business or are a HR manager, maintaining unified employee relations is integral to your company’s success. Though you may constantly try to have a finger on the pulse of your company, you know that a plethora of unexpected problems can pop up on a dime.  While this is inevitable, the key to dealing with common employee relations issues is having a plan and multiple supports in place so that when issues do arise, they can be addressed swiftly and effectively. 

    GDPR and Security Measures to Safeguard HR Information

    As an HR professional, there are a myriad of daily challenges in maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of employee data and information.  This reality has been compounded by the recent rollout of the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, a privacy law that took effect in the European Union on May 25, 2018.  Intended to strengthen the protection of personal data, it replaces the national data protection laws with a new comprehensive set of guidelines.

    Tips for Terminating Employees The Right Way

    Tips for Terminating Employees – There’s a Right Way AND a Wrong Procedure

    Top 5 Disciplinary Issues that Plague HR Departments

    Top 5 Disciplinary Issues that Plague HR Departments

    How HR Should Handle Age Discrimination in the Workplace

    We live and work in a tumultuous time of acceptance. Ageism is alive and growing in the workplace despite the best efforts of Human Resources to minimize such occurrences. When faced with an age discrimination complaint HR administrators and office managers must proceed with the utmost caution and diligence. Your primary goal will be a swift resolution and to avoid lengthy and expensive litigation that could result in much more than a settlement. It could cost the company your reputation.

    The 3 Things School HR Pros Should Know About Title IX

    What Are the 3 Things HR Should Know About Title IX?

    Can Boss and Staff Relationships Put Your Company at Risk?

    Walking a Fine Line
    When the Boss/Friend Relationship with Co-Workers Puts Your Company At-Risk

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